Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services

Adult rehabilitative mental health services (ARMHS) means mental health services which are rehabilitative and enable the recipient to develop and enhance psychiatric stability, social competencies, personal and emotional adjustment, and independent living and community skills, when these abilities are impaired by the symptoms of mental illness. ARMHS has four service areas: Basic Living and Social Skills, Community Intervention, Medication Education and Transitioning to Community Living.
ARMHS services may be provided in the following settings: A recipient’s home, the home of a relative or significant other, a recipient’s job site, or the community
*ARMHS is a program sponsored by the Minnesota Department of Human Services for individuals who have a mental health diagnosis and are on Medical Assistance or a Prepaid Medical Assistance Product.

Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living (IL) Skills program is designed to help people with disabilities in learning new and healthy independent living skills. Our staff works directly with the consumer to teach these new skills. Together they write an independent living plan to meet individual needs, such as self-esteem, meal planning, financial management, obtaining housing and transportation, and much more.


 Ubuntu was created by a Mental Health Practitioner who wanted to offer a more person-centered approach to educate and assist those in need with tools to remain home.

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